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OpenCV doesn't support the RPI Camera module by default, there is a work around but it's too complicated. Using the python library gives a very poor FPS (3-7 FPS) which you can't do much with when intending to do video processing using openCV
Lately i came across a C++ library called Raspicam which provides a full control of the RPI Camera module and also support for openCV , you can easily reach 24 FPS without the need to over clock the RPI .

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Rikon V2 Improved  (Arduino and Raspberry pi based Robot)

This is my 3rd attempt of making a robot , this time combining both an Arduino Mega 2560 to manage all the sensors and motors control, and a Raspberry pi B+ for tasks that requires more computing power and multimedia handling . This gave me a good robot platform to play with and unlimited features can be added

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